The Medicalizing Of Education

I do not think there is anybody in the society today who does not take medication for anything – hypertension, diabetes, prostate problems, thyroid dysfunction, ulcer, or depression to name only a few. Definitely, medicine is such a thing that many people are needed to stay alive.

Children always need medicine for childhood diseases and some childhood diseases. It is only within the last 20 years that we have seen the school age children being treated with psychotropic medicines, sometimes in the form of preschool too. About 15 years ago, when I was vice-principal of a school for disorderly children, I was on the phone with a doctor who was treating one of my students. I mentioned to the doctor that the student was overactive. He informed me that I was using the wrong terminology, that he was not hyperactive, but he had ADHD. During our discussion, the doctor further stated that this student ADHD was the reason that he had such poor impulse control, and he needed medicine for help in controlling it. In my opinion, the lack of poor parenting and good old fashion discipline has played a big role in the society and especially in the current trend of popular education, where school psychologists, social workers, guidance counselors, administrators and teachers People take easy. There is a quick solution to go out and deal with the students who will be considered abusive and irresponsible in the coming days, not mentally ill.

Society has increased its tolerance for devotion today. This approach has found its way into education and as a result, the expectation for the achievement and behavior of the student has diminished. Years ago if a person burnt the American flag then it was an illegal act and the guilty person or group was held responsible for the proper social consequences. But, if five thousand people burn the flag and do not catch prisons then what will happen? You either make large prisons, or make it valid to burn the flag.

When I was a student at the school, there were students who behaved in a humiliating and irresponsible manner. These students were less and far between, and were dealt with accordingly. What happens when the number of students who are involved in abusive, irresponsible, violent, bullying and illegal acts begin to rise? Conditions such as ADHD become an excuse for distracted behavior.

“ADHD was scheduled for a mental illness by the vote of members of the American Psychiatric Association at its annual meeting in 1987, and then the new definition was added to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Children who exhibit behavior such as inattentiveness, disturbance, trouble in the following directions, tendency to lose things, and the tendency to wait for their turn to speak or participate in activities is now the victim of ADHD is seen as.

In the past, these behaviors were seen as achievement-capacity anomalies or just uncontrolled behaviors. Now, both parents and teachers find relief in the problems that are present in the home and at school with disparate, non-responsibility, they can now be seen as a type of mental illness, for which personal accountability Instead of treatment plans are required. And self control.

The medical industry has developed such medicines that has improved the quality of life of millions of people. In fact, if some of these medicines are not present, then some people will not survive even today. I am a perfect example. I take high blood pressure medication to normalize blood pressure, otherwise what happens is that I have a stroke. By taking this medicine, I will not have to be less responsible for my health. I still have to walk, watch my diet, not smoking Because the drug is widely used in education, people often refer to some parents’ decisions that they should not give medicine to their children because the child’s behavior is out of control. In my own experience, I have often called parents to discuss the unacceptable behavior of my child and it has been said that the child did not take his medication. The idea that failure to take medication can be used as an excuse for disorientation, removes any form of responsibility on a person for behavior. I know that I am responsible for medication with or without my own health. Students are responsible for their own behavior and can not use drugs or use it to get off the hook when faced with the consequences of lack of self control.

Parents and teachers today see mental illness as outside for them. In fact many parents actually request the diagnosis of mental illness for their children. In the words of others, parents are saying, this is not me as a parent, but biologically there is something wrong with my child. Labels are no stigma associated with mental illness. Many parents, as well as teachers, have the belief that their children who diagnose some kind of mental illness are really smarter, bright and more creative than children who behave, pay attention in class , And who are responsible for their actions. It almost gives assurance for parents and teachers that this is not a technique for their parenting or behavior management, so that the child may have problems. They are convinced that improper or even horrendous behavior they are seeing and tolerating is the result of defective wiring in the child’s head, who has to throw them into tantrums, curse their teacher or parents, others Inspire children to be intimidated and involved in violent behavior. .

Medical education sends wrong messages to parents, teachers and administrators that a poor academic performance of students or a lack of self-control can be diagnosed clinically, and
Finished through the use of psychotropic drug.

A model focusing on respect, responsibility and emotional maturity is the only response to the drug model, which pretends behavior and avoids relevant consequences, which will not provide permanent help, temporary support.

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