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Buying toys for your child is just that what he will entertain them. You have to make sure that you buy toys for your child who are safe. There are so many toys that are unsafe for babies. This article will explore some of the things you can see when buying baby toys.

Balloons are a certain number. The American Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns the parents and guardians of small children that they should present the balloons of unnecessary toys and fragments of broken balloons.

According to the data of the CPSC injury figures, the main cause of death of suffocation is the balloon of all children’s products. Since 1973, more than 110 children have died, which are associated with solitary balloons or pieces of balloons as a result of suffocation. Most of the victims were under six years of age, but CPSC is aware of many older children who have died on the balloon.

“Toys Basketball Nets” (11 million) can open on the loop or open it in the net, which becomes unheard of from the rim or there are knots in those slides. The CPSC is aware of reports of more than 20 children under age 5, whose head or neck was caught in the trap of a toy basketball set, and an 18-month-old child died partly in uncharted nets. It was after trapping. People should remove and throw those nets that can knock or have a knot in them. Call the manufacturer to get a new trap that securely connects to the rim and does not hold the sliding knots.

“Swimming Pool Dive Sticks” (19 million) can cause vaginal or vaginal disturbance when landing on the place of children falling or diving. In the CPSC, nine inbreeding injections and three non-injection injuries are detected in children between 5 and 11 years of age. People should stop using the harsh sticks of plastic and throw them out. Based on proprietary dive rods, consumers can get a refund, replacement or repair.

“Flammable Spray String” (1 million) If there is sprinkling around burning sources such as birthday candles, there may be injury. CPSC is aware of three reports of burning as a result of using flammable spray string. The flammable products used by children are restricted by federal law. Return the flammable spray string to the retailer for refund

Without a battery protector, “Star Wars Lightsburs” (618,000) can be a disorganized spring in the battery compartment, causing the battery to overheat or break. CPSC and Company are aware of overhaising 38 cases of LightSab batteries, including 6 reports of battery bursts, 3 reports of minor burns to consumers and 1 report of eye irritation. To get a free repair kit, call Hasabor toll-free at (888) 690-6141. At present the sticker with the lights is being sold “now with battery protector”, this is not part of the recalls.

“Pooh’s Pippin” Piano “(202,000) has a carrot-shaped microphone that contains green leafy top which can cause a choking threat for small children. The CPSC knows three broken parts from this toy piano. To get a replacement, call Tiger Electronics on toll-free (888) 748-2860. Only piano that starts with serial number “body” or “CO15D” is part of this memoir.

“Blues Cloze Toy Notebooks” (3.8 million) are remembered, with red plastic coils with flexible plastic and caps, which cover fast bent coil ends. The ends of the horoscope can break, and a small part of the children present choking risk. The CPSC is aware of four incidents where the last piece of the horoscope breaks. For people to get a free replacement coil, Colorbok should be called toll-free at (877) 677-4725. Blue Clue Toy Notebook is currently being sold at the lower cover of the packaging or with “version 2” at the bottom edge, this is not part of the reel.

“Precious Moments Tender Tales Stuffed Toys” (472,000) have small children, which can create a dangerous hazard for young children. The CPSC is aware of Pompom’s three coaching reports. People should chop pompom and return to Anesco to get a separate, free tender tales toy.

According to the American Consumer Product Safety Council, more than 120,000 children were treated in the emergency rooms of the hospital for toy-related injuries during 1998. In order to prevent eye injuries, the Academy offers these tips to choose safe toys:

Tips on buying baby toys that are safe;

Only select toys and gifts that are suitable for the age of the child and the maturity level.

Avoid toys that are fast, embroidered or projectile.

Check the label for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approval, to ensure that toys meet national safety standards.

Carefully consider before giving a BB, paint or pellet gun or air powered rifle as a gift. They are classified as firearms and should not be considered toys. Darts, as well as bows and arrows, can also be dangerous.

Do not forget that taking part in sports like basketball, baseball, football and hockey can cause serious injury to the eye. If sport equipment is provided, make sure to include suitable protective headgear like helmet, facemask or goggles with polycarbonate lens.

The severity of eye injury can not be immediately apparent. When there is an injury, it is best for the eye specialist – an eye M.D. – Check the eye as soon as possible.

We hope that tips for buying safe baby toys have given you lots of ideas for getting kids. There are tips and tips to buy safe baby toys.

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