Everything You Need To Know About Cabinets

Basic introduction for cabinets

When you think of cabinets, not many times, you think about kitchen cabinets. Due to their efficiency, importance and versatility, today they are the hottest cabinet items in the market. However, the cabinets are more in comparison to the kitchen cabinets, because the cabinet contains all aspects of the house decoration.

Cabinets are more than just storage. They talk of your personality, your taste and your sense of understanding. The possibilities are endless, but it boils down to what your choice is. In terms of style, there are many different types of cabinets to choose from. But they are basically placed in general classification such as framed or frames, stock or custom made, made of traditional, country, or modern style, hardwood, wood veneer or other materials.

Stocks and custom cabinets

Cabinets are usually classified into stock cabinets and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are those cabinets that are pre-built and can be bought “away from the rack” in many cabinet shops. On the other hand, custom cabinets usually refer to those cabinets, which are specially made by cabinet makers to fit very detailed specifications of a homeowner, and are usually done on site (homeowner’s home) .

Framed and frameless cabinets

A framed cabinet is a cabinet with a frame attached to the front edges of the body. It is also known as a traditional, face-framed or American-style cabinet. A bold cabinet, as the name suggests, is that there is no frame connected to the face around the body. It is the standard between European style cabinets.

Traditional, country, or contemporary style

If a tradition goes away, all kitchen cabinets are made from hardwood and are constructed for kitchen walls. But nowadays, permanently fixed cabinets have given way to standalone mobile cabinets that can come in unorthodox materials like glass or plastic. Traditional style cabinets are liking more people because of their ‘Ageless Look.

Country style cabinets offer a comfortable, comfortable and welcoming experience for one room. If you want a country to feel for its cabinets, hardwood is the best material, because it can mix well with flowers or nature-inspired fabrics or designs.

There are countless other styles to choose from, which are enough to make you more confused to your liking. To avoid this, it would be best to know where to look in the first place. Browse through magazines, woodworking books or cabinet shops. You can extend your search to websites of home and decor. But do not forget to select a style that will naturally blend in with the design and architecture of your home.

Solid wood, bonded wood, and wood veneer

Having new cabinets means that it has been a long time to get the services of a cabinet maker or to bring down the work clothes so that customary cabinets can be made. As technology and skills are improving over time, the possibilities have become infinite. Old and new materials provide different classifications of cabinets.

Solid Wood

Due to its fluctuation and agility and attractiveness, wood has become the most common ingredient used for cabinets.

It offers a warm, homely atmosphere, and mixes well with almost any type of interior design and decoration. Different types of wood species give more varied options, but your choice will ultimately depend on your personal style and budget. The materials for custom cabinets are the most sought after wood.

The wood content comes from two types of trees: hardwood and soft wood. Hardwood material comes from coniferous trees, or trees, which are easy to see. The softwood wood content comes from dicotyledons or hard-to-cut trees.

Different wood species receive different values, which depend on its availability and overall appearance. There are lots of materials to choose from maple, oak, cherry, hickory, yellow birch or pine.

Oak was a huge favorite among cabinet makers in recent times, when Maple became more popular in the cabinet industry. Due to its light and regular grain texture, it is very suitable for any type of cabinet style. In the case of versatility, there is a yellow birch variety similar to Maple. With a wide range of its strengths and colors, this is a favorite choice for kitchen cabinets.

The color of cherry wood ranges from pink to red-brown when grown and exposed to sunlight. Hickory is a light color of gray wood color, which is best to finish a blur. While pinewood is the cheapest variety, special handling and preparation is required due to bombs and scratches prior to contact.

Foreign wood prices are high because they are more rare varieties. People in this category have mahogany, ebony and walnuts. Mahogany mostly comes from tropical rainforests. Its red-brown color and regular grain properties make it an ideal choice for old oak wood. Walnut colors range from dark brown to black in color. Ebony wood usually refers to very dark or black wood.

Bonded wood

Bonding refers to the process of making large wooden materials from several small pieces of wood. Relationship processes vary. In a way, cutting wide boards in narrow areas, then sticking together to create the desired width or shape. Wood blocks can be pasted together to make a part of a cabinet. In another process, wood chips or small wood particles are mixed with a gluing substance, which is processed to make durable wood particles. And finally, the process of binding multiple layers of particleboard can be used to come with plywood panels, which are ideal for adding power to softwood cabinets.

Wood veneer

Wood veneer are thin layers of wood material with better wood species. They stick to the main cabinet material, usually plywood or plasticboard. This is the best option for more versatile wooden cabinets pronounced by different wooden patterns and textures. Wooden veneer not only for the raised panel cabinet doors but also flat or recessed cabinet doors are also aesthetically effective.

One word of consciousness towards budget: While wood veneer as a substitute for wood means that it is an inexpensive material, as a result of very detailed veneer designs will be more expensive pieces of work.

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